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Povigo Cookery School

Povigo Cookery School offers fun, educational and hands-on cookery classes in the heart of Galway City, led by professional chef Sean Buckley. Sean’s 30+ years of professional expertise is vast; previously working as a chef in Paris, England, and Dublin. As well as this, Sean boasts chef stints in the 2 Michelin Star restaurant Patrick Guilbaud and worked as a pre-match chef for the elite football team, Manchester United. Following on from his incredible professional portfolio, Sean has worked in areas of sports nutrition, weight management, healthy lifestyle changes and vegan food cooking among many more.
Whether you want to learn how to boost your endurance, lose some weight, educate yourself about healthy eating or simply learn some new skills to impress your family and friends, Povigo Cookery School has a class to suit you.
Our “food first” philosophy means that all of our classes are based on the core elements of real, wholesome, fresh food and how to prepare it properly. Povigo Cookery School offers group classes, private one to one classes and bespoke tuition for groups and individuals, meaning that you can learn exactly what you want to know when it comes to food.

Sports and Fitness Cookery Classes

With experience cooking for the Manchester United and Galway United football teams, as well as providing tailored classes for GAA teams across Ireland, Povigo Cookery School knows what we’re talking about when it comes to sports and fitness nutrition. Our Galway sports and fitness cookery classes are designed with athletes in mind, providing no-nonsense, honest and food-focused cookery classes. Our classes can be tailored to suit your specific sporting goals, and advise you on how best to increase endurance, boost stamina and gain (or lose) weight. As well as educating you on how best to prepare sports-friendly food, our expert chef will educate you about the needs of your body during sport and how best to fulfil these needs through food.

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Weight Management Cookery Classes

It’s no secret that there is a saturation of different diets and food philosophies these days, choosing who to listen to in regards to weight management can be a minefield. Here at Povigo Cookery School, we are dedicated to giving no-nonsense, straightforward and food-focused advice when it comes to weight management. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to slim down or to bulk up, our team of expert professionals can show you how to do so in a healthy, sustainable and easy way.
Whether you simply want some honest advice and demonstrations or would rather a hands-on cookery lesson, our professional chef will educate you on the basics of weight management, and show you some delicious meals to help you achieve your goals.

Healthy Eating Cookery Classes

With so much processed fast food so readily available these days, it can be difficult to resist temptation and eat healthily all the time! Povigo Cookery School understands how confusing healthy eating can be, which is why we have developed straightforward, family-friendly healthy eating cookery classes in Galway. These classes can be booked in a group or one-to-one and focus on educating students about the simplicity and tastiness of healthy eating. Our expert chef will focus on meals that can be made in 20-30 minutes to show how healthy eating can be quick and simple without compromising on taste. As well as getting hands-on with making meals, students will be educated on how to cook healthily and incorporate unprocessed whole foods into their diet easily. If you’re looking for practical, sustainable and enjoyable healthy eating cookery classes, book one of Povigo Cookery School’s today.

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Atlantic Way Seafood Cookery Classes

Located on the rocky coast of the Wild Atlantic Way, what better place is there to learn how to cook high-quality seafood than Povigo Cookery School in Galway? Our Atlantic Way Seafood Cookery Classes are a cut above the rest, showing you how to choose, prepare and cook native Irish seafood to an impressively high standard. Our expert chef, Sean Buckley, sources all fish for these classes from a local fishmonger whose stock is caught on the day, ensuring authentic, fresh and local Irish seafood. Alongside getting hands-on cooking experience, students in this class can gain plenty of professional advice from Sean, who will demonstrate the best ways to identify the quality and freshness of fish, prepare whole fish and how to serve seafood properly. If you or a friend are seafood lovers, it’s a must.

Vegan Cookery Classes

Povigo Cookery School’s Vegan Cookery Classes are beneficial for vegans and non-vegans alike, providing a wealth of knowledge about the benefits of a plant-based diet and how to properly incorporate it into your life. Unlike many online resources that aren’t backed by facts, Povigo Cookery School’s vegan cookery classes are based on professional nutritional advice and will show you how to easily incorporate vital vitamins and minerals into your vegan diet. Our expert chef will help you create a variety of delicious plant-based meals while explaining their benefits and nutritional composition. As well as providing classes and advice to the everyday vegan or curious omnivore, our classes can be tailored to focus on sports-specific veganism, advising you on the best ways of incorporating protein-rich and endurance-boosting foods into your vegan diet as an athlete or sportsperson. If you’ve ever been curious about veganism, or want to know how to shake up your existing vegan diet, why not book in now?

Private Cookery Classes

As well as offering group cookery classes, Povigo Cookery School is more than happy to facilitate private cookery classes for individuals or small groups. Our private classes usually last about 3 hours, and can be based on any of our existing classes or can be bespoke. Our team will chat to you the day before your class to work out what you want to learn, and will then tailor a bespoke cookery class to suit you, ensuring that you leave the class with a wealth of knowledge about an area you were formerly unfamiliar with.
Whether you want some food-based weight loss advice or would just love to know how to make different types of soups and sauces, our professional chef can tailor a lesson to suit you. As well as being beneficial to your own learning or goals, our private cookery classes are a great gift for friends and family who are interested in cooking.

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"If theres any class i could recomend, for fun, education on food, laid back yet very informitive it would be one of Seans classes.
We done the weight management class. I have to say without shadow of a doubt it was the best class of any weight management things ive been part of.
Not only did we get more than enough information, we cooked as a group, laughed, made everything from sweet baked potatoes with a divine filling, salmon parcels with an unreal sauce, smoothies and a moroccan chicken and dressings all from scratch. we also got to bring home the fruits of our labour and a print out of everything we done.

Sean is one of the best you could learn from. With his vast knowledge and cheeky sense of humour you will be leaving wanting to do another one of his classes...
Was priced so reasonably considering to content of the class.

Get a few friends together, go on your own it doesnt matter You will have a one of a kind experience."

Bee Mannion

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